If I can do something that you want to do - ask me about a tuition session...
I'm not an expert in every area of photography - but I've learned a fair amount about using cameras, studios and darkrooms over the last 45 years or so.

If you think I can help you with your camera, setting up or using a darkroom, or with an introduction to studio use, please contact me.

We can discuss your needs, and whether I can help you - even if I can't provide everything you need, I can probably give you some pointers. A chat and some ideas come free!

If you decide to do some specific work with me, we'll negotiate a cost that reflects the time and effort I will put into delivering what you need. Since retirement, I am looking to develop this as a major part of what I do, and I am equally happy to do one-to-one coaching, workshops with groups, and talks and demonstations.