The Ego page... Much better to let the pictures do the talking!

John Duder. Born 1953. Practising Christian (hoping to get better at it). Happily married with two grown-up offspring. Amateur photographer by inclination since 1967. Internal auditor by profession, now retired.


Because God made the world full of beauty: the landscape, the trees, the rocks and the people. Particularly the people, and especially their eyes, which reflect their souls and their Maker.


Almost anything. People, and places. But I put most time and effort into figure photography, which allows me to work with beautiful, intelligent people to produce something that neither of us could create alone. It is a great privilege.


Whenever possible! I always carry a camera, just in case! The world is a very beautiful place, despite all the terrible things we've done to it and each other.


I've developed my own black-and-white pictures for 40 years, and the way that the image appears on the paper is still magical. I aim to produce silver gelatin prints that show some of the beauty I see around me. Much of the time, now, I use dgital cameras - but film is my first love!